Blue Dog Pickleball Paddle
Swinton Pickleball Midweight Paddle Carbon Graphite Core
Blue Dog Pickleball Paddle
Blue Dog Pickleball Paddle
Swinton Hero Pickleball Paddle
Swinton Hero Pickleball Paddle Recreational Midweight
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Swinton Pickleball Midweight Hero Paddle Bundle Gift
Swinton Pickleball Paddle Silicone Paddle Cover Kitchen&
Swinton Pickleball Hero Paddle Midweight Graphite core

Blue Dog Pickleball Paddle

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You won't see another pickleball paddle like this one. People can't take their eyes of the Swinton Pickle Dog Paddle. Finally a paddle that looks great AND plays great. 

With its high end graphite technology and polypropylene core, it is both well-balanced and lightweight for optimum ball control. Newbies and advanced players will enjoy the power and precision of the Swinton paddle. The durable graphite face strikes the perfect balance between durability and strength. Plus, the premium plush grip is extremely comfortable and perforated to dissipate sweat, allowing for hours of play. All paddles include the protective neoprene cover. 


Surface Material: Carbon/Graphite Face
Core Material: Polypropylene Core
Weight: 7.75 ounces (+- 0.24 ounces)
Paddle Class: Midweight
Dimensions: 7.8 x 15.8 inches (width x full height)
Handle Size: 4.25-inch circumference
Handle Width: 2.5 inches across
Handle Length: 4.92 inches
Handle Material: Synthetic, Padded
Additional Features: Edge Guard, Neoprene Cover Included
Ideal For: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Playing Surface: Indoor/Outdoor
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